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About the author of the course:
I've been traveling around the US for the last 8 months and closely studying the international market of content creators and collaborations with brands and hotels.

I can't wait to share all the amazing useful discoveries and secrets in video creating and editing and collaborating with international brands with the participants of my new training programme!

In 2018, I quit my office job to start creating content, travel around the world and collaborate with brands and hotels.

Since then, 4.5 years have passed and I haven't stopped doing what I really love, and now my husband is fully involved in it. Since then, I've been constantly improving my skills, increasing my rates for collabs, growing my income and discovering the world.
Great style doesn't have to be expensive, you can create trendy looks with mass market clothes. There is a lesson about finding your style, so that you can pick up the clothes that will look perfect on set. You probably already have it in your wardrobe.
It's not necessary to live in Miami and own a yacht to make high quality videos. You just need to figure out how to find good locations: maybe a grey of your building will make a great background?!
Kate, what should I do if I don't have the clothes like yours?
I don't have the money to buy designer things and hire a stylist.
Kate, I live in a small town and my apartment is not insta-ready. I'm afraid I won't find a location for shooting.
Kate, I don't wanna be an expert in my blog, I don't wanna sell it, I just wanna make videos and partner with brands. Is your course good for me?
You absolutely don't have to be an expert in your blog or sell anything there, be yourself, this is what the brands are looking for.